Trường Anh ngữ Cebu Blue Ocean tuyển quản lý học viên Việt Nam

Trường Anh ngữ CBO tuyển quản lý học viên

Cebu Blue Ocean English Academy are looking for a full time Vietnamese manager to work in Cebu – Philippines.

1. Job Description :
– Do orientation for new students, support Vietnamese students in schools, consulting with students and resolve student complain.
– Cooperate with other Manager and Staff for school operation task
– Manage & Develop Vietnam marketing online channel such as Facebook, blog, website
-Liaise with agencies in Vietnam to maintain and develop the relationship between schools and Vietnam agencies.

2. Benefits :
1. Visa Extension
2. SSP
3. Accomodation
4. Meals
5. 3 hours of 1:1 Class – Great chance for learning English
6. Experience working abroad and know how to deal with people in different nationalities.

3. Requirement:
-Work at least for 6 months
after 6months of scholarship, depends on performance, contract could be extened as assistant manager with salary.
-6 hours of work on weekday(08:00 ~ 18:00 / 3 hours of classes and 1hours of lunch break is not included in working hours.)
– every 2 weeks, one day during weekend, should work for new students.

If you are interested with the position, please contact me and send us your CV via email:

4 bình luận

  1. Dạ cho em hỏi bên trường này còn tuyển ko ạ? Em có gửi CV vào email philenter nhưng không biết trường còn tuyển ko ạ?

    1. Dear Philenter,

      Cho mình hỏi không biết trường còn tuyển vị trí này không a?

      Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều.

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